Pharus, from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere by the Argentinian artist Matilde Marin invites readers —through images of lighthouses— to traverse space and rediscover bygone eras. In her photography, Marin subtly captured lighthouses and their beams, water, earth and sky. Those who see/read the book will be able to access those worlds, get to know and explore them in an imaginary journey with ten stops. Pharus, from the Southern to the Northern hemisphere is a testimony to the materiality and symbolism of lighthouses, even today. Laura Casanovas travels along with Marin in an essay that highlights the symbolizations and procedures, explaining how the artist creates an experience and a source of enjoyment.

Our publishing house provides the digital framework for this artistic journey and its critical proposal, both of which shape and give meaning to lights and lighthouses, so the forest grows in the balance of energies and realizes a different way of reading and enjoying art books.