In our publications, digital books open minute interstices in the division between text and image, as they attempt to overcome boundaries and explore new methods of representation / communication / presentation. In artist’s books, creators are present and closely follow their crafting together with the editing team. In this way, our books’ appeal is rooted in their format, their interactive approach and closeness to readers. While there have been editions of artist’s books released in digital media, to our knowledge no publishing house focuses specifically on the production of digitally native art books, while committed to a close collaboration with their creators. We know that digital artists’ books are scattered trees, not yet enough to consider a forest. Thanks to their price and accessibility, our digital books will be a source of enjoyment for many readers spread far and wide, thus departing from the exclusionary aspects of paper printed art books (exceedingly high prices and not always available in stores). Our goal as a publishing house is that each release offers readers an attractive digital object that draws them in thanks to its visual and textualdisplay, the layout on each page and the resulting poetic ambiance.