Everything in the world
exists to end up
as a book.
(Mallarmé, The Book as Spiritual Instrument).


The name of our ART PUBLISHING HOUSE is rooted in our respect for the forest. We believe in the perfect balance of renewable energies, and as part of this commitment, we have chosen not to use paper to reduce timber extraction. Instead, we use screens, their lights, shadows, colors, images, sounds, music and words…
This publishing house aims to become a creative space where digital and interactive art books from different authors can be published.
We follow a broad notion of “art book” to get to the heart of the digital forest, thus new ways of reading can evolve in a new environment.

Our goal is to use creative and technological energies that lead to new paths for the enjoyment and understanding of art, from diverse visual arts and literary perspectives in conjunction with writings, understandings and views.
The name of our publishing house comes from a poem by Xavier Villarrutia (Mexico, 1903-1950), “mi bosque madura” (my forest grows). The poem acknowledges the forest and the jungle, dark or light, be it in poetry or philosophy, are images that expand our ways of thinking and create possibilities and symbolisms similar to those found in the works of Dante, Hölderlin, Rilke, Heiddeger, Zambrano, Cardenal, Borges, Juan L, to name but a few. As such, to publish will mean to create groves, to let trees grow amid a variety of cultural practices so that we can find shelter in their poetic activity.